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  • Intensive Summer Spanish courses

    These courses are designed to boost your Spanish skills in a fun and immersive environment, with various levels and focuses available.

    Intensive Summer Spanish courses
  • Intensive courses in Spain

    Get a feel for the Spanish culture and lifestyle and practise your Spanish in real-life situations.

    Intensive courses in Spain
  • Spanish lessons

    General Spanish courses and private lessons for adults.

    Spanish lessons
  • Your Spanish School in Richmond

    Find us the in the heart of TW1!

    Your Spanish School in Richmond

    Spanish lessons

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    Cultural events

    Adults learning

    Pan comido is a colloquial expression used to refer to something that is easy to do or understand. It’s a piece of cake or easy peasy.

    I believe that, with a bit of practice and commitment, anyone can learn a language, hence the name of our Spanish School 🙂

    What does Pan Comido mean?

    What makes us different

    Our aim is to immerse our students into the Hispanic culture and language. In our classes we not only learn grammar or vocabulary, but we also bring students closer to the Hispanic traditions, gastronomies, customs, and much more.

    Group classes at ETNA Community Centre

    Learn Spanish in a relaxed and friendly environment with other members of the local community.

    Official Spanish Exams and Certifications

    Prepare for your DELE exam with qualified teachers specialised in DELE examinations.

    Immersion courses in Spain

    We offer Spanish intensive courses in Galicia, Spain, for small groups.

    Different ways to learn

    spanish courses

    Online Classes

    Our private online classes are tailored to your needs. You learn at your own pace and in the way that best suits you.

    cultural events


    Themed parties, wine tastings, cooking workshops, and much more!

    Our sociocultural events are an open door to the Hispanic world. Join our newsletter and stay tuned!

    Conversational classes

    Improve your speaking skills and expand your vocabulary in a fun and interactive way! In our conversational classes we discuss all kinds of topics, from current affairs to books or films!


    Spanish Cheese and Wine Tasting!

    Spanish Cheese and Wine Tasting!  Join us on 3rd May starting at 6 pm in the community kitchen at ETNA Community Centre. we'll be raising funds to support two important…
    Join our team! We’re hiring

    Join Our Team! We’re Hiring 

    We are seeking a passionate and experienced native Spanish teacher to join our team and guide our Spanish learners as they embark on the exciting journey of language acquisition and…