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Spanish Cheese and Wine Tasting!

wine and cheese in spanish

Spanish Cheese and Wine Tasting! 
Join us on 3rd May starting at 6 pm in the community kitchen at ETNA Community Centre. we’ll be raising funds to support two important causes in our community: ETNA and The Real Junk Food Project. Your participation will help make a real difference in our local communities🤍

New Spanish Complete Beginners Course

new spanish course

Hola amigos! Wanna learn some español? We’ve got some exciting news for you!
Join our new Spanish course for Complete Beginners starting from 20th Feb to 25th June, spanning 16 immersive weeks of language and culture discovery!

Join Our Team! We’re Hiring 

Join our team! We're hiring

We are seeking a passionate and experienced native Spanish teacher to join our team and guide our Spanish learners as they embark on the exciting journey of language acquisition and cultural exploration.

Save the date! Merienda solidaria

Merienda solidaria - Spanish snack

Merienda Solidaria will be your chance to do the same with current and present Pan Comido students as well as locals from the neighborhood, while getting the chance to hone your Spanish skills.

New Spanish Beginners Course

Spanish Beginners Course

Ready to embark on a captivating adventure of Spanish language and culture? Join our brand-new Spanish Beginners course!

Merienda solidaria

Merienda solidaria Etna y Pan Comido

Next April 1st join us for a lovely merienda solidaria with tea, coffee, and traditional biscuits and sweets from Spain and support your community!