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Spanish Beginners course

-10% New students

Hola amigos! Wanna learn some español? We've got some exciting news for you!

Join our new Spanish course for Complete Beginners starting from 26th Feb to 25th June, spanning 15 immersive weeks of language and culture discovery! 
This course is perfect for grasping the basics and confidently navigating a Spanish-speaking country 
You’ll learn basic vocabulary, such as greetings or common day objects and activities, essential phrases for daily communication, cultural nuances and grammar essentials 
Super useful if you’re planning a holiday this spring or summer in Spain! 
Let the language adventure begin! Vamos! 

Spanish A1

Complete beginners

-10% New students


Tuesdays 11.30–13.00

Join our team! We’re hiring

Join Our Team! We’re Hiring 

We are seeking a passionate and experienced native Spanish teacher to join our team and guide our Spanish learners as they embark on the exciting journey of language acquisition and…
Merienda solidaria – Spanish snack

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