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Merienda solidaria - Spanish snack

Get Ready to Snack and Socialize at Our Spanish Merienda Solidaria!"

British celebrity food writer and broadcaster Rachel Khoo once said “the easiest way to get to know a new culture is through its food even if you don’t speak the language.”  Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time living abroad will probably agree to that.  And it’s something that you will be able to begin doing at the next Spanish Merienda Solidaria while at the same time supporting a great cause. 

This  Merienda Solidaria or solidary afternoon tea, seeks to capture the essence of this meal-gap-filling Spanish snack (Spaniards typically eat lunch at around 2pm and dinner around 9pm) and in which they perform one of their favourite pastimes: socialising.  They catch up with friends and family over sweet and savoury snacks like biscuits, cured ham sandwiches, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.  This next Spanish Merienda Solidaria will be your chance to do the same with current and former Pan Comido students as well as locals from the neighborhood, while getting the chance to hone your Spanish skills.

The event will once again be held at the ETNA Community Centre between 3 and 5pm on Saturday 11th November 2023.  Although some coffee, tea and snacks will be provided, attendees are encouraged to chip in and bring any snacks that they can bring such as biscuits, churros, cake and fruit.  There will also be a QR code provided for donations to be made for the ETNA Warm Hub  which offers services that benefit the community such as counselling,  Alcoholics Anonymous, Al Anon and the TRJFP Café which takes food headed for the bin and turns it into nutritious and tasty lunches for the community. 

As per the sponsor’s name,  Pan Comido (translating roughly as a piece of cake) practising Spanish and giving back to the community isn’t as hard as it might seem. 

Come on down to the solidary tea and say “¡Hola!”, you’ll be glad you did!

Support your community

Weʼre raising £100 to support the ETNA Warm Hub at ETNA Community Centre.

You can make your donations by using the link below!

Every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference and brings us one step closer to achieving our mission.

Thank you for your generosity!

This event is a collaboration between Pan Comido and ETNA Community Centre. You can attend for free and help yourself to tea, coffee and biscuits. Voluntarily, you may make a donation towards the ETNA Warm Hub

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merienda solidaria pancomido
Merienda Solidaria Pan comido - Tarta de Santiago

Want more?

Here are some snapshots from our most recent Merienda Solidaria.


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